Level Ultimate
Type Divine Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Wind Guardians
Prior forms ExVeemon
Next forms ZeeExVeemon
Partners Davis Motomiya

DoubleExVeemon is a Divine Dragon Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Double X" ("XX") and "V". It trained under Angel Digimon as ExVeemon, acquiring their holy power and Digivolving. Allied with the Holy Digimon, DoubleExVeemon seeks out and destroys evil wherever it may lurk. It holds a special connection to MagnaAngemon and Angewomon, as it possesses the power of Miracles, just as they respectively hold the powers of Hope and Light. Legend has it that DoubleExVeemon and its previous forms are really a sealed state for the legendary Digimon ZeeExVeemon.


DoubleExVeemon's main form is the same as ExVeemon, but its blue coloring has become lighter, and its eyes have become green. The horn on its muzzle has become solid white, and it wears a Holy Ring around its neck. It now has two pairs of wings on its back symbolizing the Digimon it is connected to: a yellow pair, symbolizing Hope (MagnaAngemon), and a pink pair, symbolizing Light (Angewomon). Its hands and feet have become white and metallic in appearance. The spikes on the back of its hands, however, remain blue, and have extended into long blades that curve outward rather than back towards it. The X marking on its chest has turned blue, and has morphed into two X's, one above the other, the bottoms of one X touching the tops of the other.

Digimon Adventure 02 FanFiction

DoubleExVeemon appears in an Adventure 02 FanFiction as the Ultimate form of Veemon. This form first appears when ExVeemon absorbs some of MagnaAngemon and Angewomon's power during battle. At a later point, ExVeemon, desperate to save his friends, awakens that power, causing a silhouette of DoubleExVeemon to appear over him before it quickly changes to ZeeExVeemon. DoubleExVeemon is properly introduced when Davis receives the Crest of Miracles, allowing ExVeemon to Digivolve into DoubleExVeemon. DoubleExVeemon is then frequently used in battle whenever a Control Spire is not present (in such cases he becomes Magnamon if the Crest is glowing).


  • XV-Crosser - His chest mark glows white, then he slashes with both arms at once, sending two X-shaped sonic blades at enemies in the same shape as his mark.
  • Guillotine Chop - Brings his blades together on the opponent in a sideways motion, slicing them.
  • Shredding Hope - A combination attack with MagnaAngemon. MagnaAngemon pierces the back of DoubleExVeemon's hand with the Excalibur, then MagnaAngemon and the blade transform into a gigantic yellow energy blade on the back of DoubleExVeemon's hand which contains the power of Hope. DoubleExVeemon suffers no injuries from the pierce, and MagnaAngemon reverts to normal after the attack.
  • Lance of Light - A combination attack with Angewomon. Angewomon's ribbon glows pink while she holds her hands together as if in prayer. Then the ribbon flies off of her and infuses itself into DoubleExVeemon's horn, causing it to glow pink. DoubleExVeemon then unleashes a piercing pink beam of energy from his horn which contains the power of Light.