Draciomon is a fan made Digimon created by Scar34

Level: Ultimate

Digivolves From: Fan:Reptinomon

Digivolves To: Fan:Ultimatedraciomon

Type: Vaccine

Draciomon has super fast reflexes, two Chrome Digizoid wings and two powerful whip-like tails. It is very vengeful and attacks anything and everytging. It has huge spines running down it's back and razor sharp teeth that can cut through almost anything. Draciomon is a darker green than it's previous stages though slightly lighter than it's digivolution Ultimatedraciomon. Draciomon has a Digital Hazard on its chest. Draciomon is a very large Digimon with great speed and all. It still keeps it's invisibility powers though not using them much as it prefers more to fight than to run away.


Supreme Strangle: Draciomon picks up the opponent and strangles it.

Future Roar: Draciomon roars so mightily it effects the balance of the universe.

Destruction Ball: Draciomon forms a mace end ball out of thin air and launches it at opponents.

Dracio Destroyer: Summons a meteor, grabs it and throws it at his opponent.

Wings of Fury: Slashes the opponent with its Chrome Digizoid wings.


1. Dracio is a dragon from starian mytholygy.

2. Draciomon was originally called Dinomastermon.

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