Title The Illuminating Dragon
Level Armor
Prior forms PrimitiveAgumon + Digi-Egg of Light
Partners Matthew

DracoGreymon is the tenth Armor form PrimitiveAgumon reaches. His name and design are derived from the constellation Draco, as well as Greymon. He takes the appearance of a large pink serpentine-like dragon. He has two pink wings that are red at the top. Similar to Dracomon and its digivolutions, DracoGreymon is composed of 100% dragon data. The Crest of Light appears beneath his head.

First Appearance

After the defeat of Myotismon at the temple, the DigiDestineds obtained the Digi-Egg of Hope and used it to fight WaruDevidramon. WaruDevidramon was defeated much faster than Myotismon was, and as a result of the deal they made before the fight, the DigiDestineds were able to take the Digi-Egg of Light. However, Myotismon and WaruDevidramon had many Devimon and Devidramon waiting outside the temple to fight the DigiDestineds should they fall in battle. Matthew and Brittani used the Digi-Egg of Light to armor digivolve PrimitiveAgumon and Haku both to dragons to easily defeat the horde of devil digimon.


Illumination Blaze- sends a blast of white-hot fire toward the opponent

Light Burst- shoots a beam of light from its wings to blind and harm the opponent