Dracomon degenerates to Petitmon when he runs out of energy as Slayerdramon. He first does this when he fights Gaiomon when the Tamers are traveling between the Western Outer Pocket of Infinitydramon ( who makes up the digital world in digimon destiny) and the Western Inner Pocket.


Dracomon degenerates to Bebydomon when he runs out of energy as Wingdramon. He first does this in the Rumble Zone ( South Outer Pocket ) when the Tamers fight a Mephistomon-controlled BlackWarGrowlmon.


Dracomon as he normally appears.


Dracomon digivolves to Coredramon in the second episode, when the Tamers get their D-Destinies.


Dracomon digivolves to Wingdramon when the Tamers fight BlackWarGrowlmon.


Dracomon Biomerges with Lucas to digivolve to Slayerdramon when the Tamers first fight Gaiomon.

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