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Draconianmon is a rookie level digimon, who special attack is Pyro-Laser. When a Draconianmon is angry it's eyes turn completely red, which increases all of it's attacks to a power level of its champion form. When a Dracionianmon is turly happy it's eyes turn light blue, which in returns increases it's speed, making it as fast as it's champion form.


Pyro-Laser - Shoots a laser of pure fire at it's enemy/ can be a constant laser, a blast, or a charged attack to do higher damage.

Wild-Fire Blaze - Unleashes a burst of flame form it's mouth, able to surround an ememy completely no matter the size.

Dragon Spirit - Unlocks it's true potential by rushing at it's enemy while dodging all attacks and when it tackles the enemy a blast of fire washes over them.

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