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Dragermon is a rookie level digimon.


Dragermon's is an reptile like digimon. It often wears a bulletproof vest and Desert Camo clothes. It also goes to war. It carries a plasma dagger M4 Carbine assualt rifle and 9MM like pistol. It then wears a helmet with Night Vision goggoles


M4 Carbine: Carries this weapon with an ACOG site, Red Dot Sight or grenade luancher. 9mm: Like every pistol it's a pistol. They can be seen with Red dot under the trigger. Plasma dagger: The USA army carries knives. It's like a real knife, except the blade is plasma.


Night Vision Goggles: These goggles are used to see in the dark. Thermal sight goggles: The Ground and Buildings are purple lights are red and allies and are blue. Gas Mask: Certin Digimon have poison fog attacks, Dragermon wears a gas mask so he or she can breath.


Frag: Every real life army this, an anti personnal exploseive. Somke: Creates somke screen. Semtex: Sticky grenades. Flashbangs: Slows down and damages enemy digimon. Stun: Slows down and blinds Digimon. C4: Plant it and Boom! Claymore: A mine that detonates when sa enemy digimon touches it or stands near.

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