Title Split Void
Level Super Ultimate
Type Hybrid
Attribute Free
Family Dragon's Roar
Shiramu Inc.
Dark Area
Prior forms Breed Dragoramon + Arclimon

Some things are never meant to exist at all. Dragoramon, known for having no gender, is never meant to lay Digi-Eggs at all, at least not of it's own kind as it can create Digi-Eggs of other Digimon freely. Then we have Arclimon, who is constantly black widow towards any male who approaches her. However, one particular case has it that these two Digimon have been able to create a Digi-Egg together based on each other's digital coding. The final result is Draglimon, a Digimon with the abilities of both Dragoramon and Arclimon all in one being. During their lifetime, before they can truly master their powers at that, they take on the forms of humans, but the power they contain even then is enough to make one wonder if the disguise is truly real or not...

Shiramu-Kuromu Digimon Media

Draglimon are never seen in their actual appearance at most times, but the only cases they are is when they're obtained in Bronze and Cobalt. The most famous Draglimon is Duo, who has a more altered appearance due to her own human form causing her true form to mutate into resembling it more. As such, the result is a more fierce looking Digimon. In one arc, Duo goes absolutely berserk to where everything tries to attack her, when she reveals she is a Draglimon without even knowing what she was. It doesn't matter what level the opponent was, but the only reason that SuperMechadramon was able to finally stop her rampage was because of it's mere size ONLY, as had it been smaller, it to would've been vaporized by Duo.