Level Ultimate
Type Cyborg
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms FireGreymon
Next forms MightGreymon
Partners Ron Detweiler

DragonGreymon is a Cyborg Digimon who has mechanized more than half of his body. His name originates from the Chinese prefix dragon, and grey, a misspelling of "great".

He flies across the sky and defeats the enemy despite his lumbering big body. It is said that the offensive abilities produced when he fires the huge revolver on his left arm is akin to a nuclear warhead. His markings of the Chinese dragons on his wings. In addition, the barrel is made from Chrome-Digizoid so that it can produce powers itself. He is similar to his Adventure counterpart MetalGreymon and his Data Squad counterpart RizeGreymon in terms of sheer power and speed.

Digimon Starters

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  • Trident Dragon Revolver: Fires five blue energy bullets from his revolver.
  • Pyro Destroyer: Fires a barrage of Chinese dragon-shaped beams from the six guns on his wings and the two on his chest.
  • Dragon Blast: A blast of red-orange flames are spewed forth from his mouth.
  • Meteor Strike: DragonGreymon's revolver glows brightly. It then punches its opponent. Meteor-shaped particles are released when it hits.
  • Solar Strike: Charges at his enemies using his revolver to deliver a finishing blow.
  • Dragon Palm: DragonGreymon gets a hold of the opponent then releases a surge of energy.
  • Cosmo Waves: Creates beams from outer space and targets it at his opponents as a waves of meteor shower.
  • Dragon Surge: He emits a million dragon-shaped volts from his revolver.
  • Ice Blaze: A blast of blue ice is forcefully ejected from his mouth.

Variations / Subspecies