Examon D4-45 (SDT)

Dragonmon is a rare, yet special digimon, based off a child's daydream. These digimon come in different colors, and the attacks they know are based off the element they have. The element is based off on their fur color and personality. White Dragonmons are the rarest, holding the element of holy. Legend says that it can flap its wings so hard, earthquakes can happen in a blink of an eye. They are known to be very agressive, so don't go teasing these digimon, or you will get on their bad side.


Dramon Tornado: Unleashes a massiva tornado from flapping it's wing rapidly. The type of element differs on the typr of element the Dragonmon has.

Dramon Earthquake: Unleashes an earthquake by Flapping it's wings very hard.

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