Dragoramon X
Dragoramon X
Title Final Evil
Level Burst Mode
Type Transcendent
Attribute Unknown
Family Dragora
Prior forms Dragoramon
Next forms ZeroDragoramon (With Zerosumon)

Dragoramon X is the digivolved form of Dragoramon, but not much is known about it anymore ever since the Great Cataclysm. All that is known about it is spoken of by the Royal Knights. Gallantmon says a great power overload occurred when Dragoramon entered the Tamers Universe around the time of the D-Reaper. Dragoramon was forced to either expel this energy or make us of it somehow; It ended up doing both, as it digivolved by use of the X-Antibody, and since it didn't like to rename itself even though this form was an actual digivolution, it simply called itself Dragoramon X. Dragoramon X promptly commanded hoards of Black Dragon-like creatures that swarm the D-Reaper's servants, while Dragoramon X aides Takato in saving Jeri, and instead of leaving the D-Reaper to it's original fate, decides to permanently destroy the D-Reaper since it completely despised it. Nobody knows what happened afterward, but Dynasmon said Dragoramon X revealed he was actually a villain the entire time, as he digivolves into ZeroDragoramon. However, originally he was destroyed entirely, but then somehow time was altered by Imperialdramon Paladin Mode and every event that Dragoramon was involved in was erased from existence, while Dragoramon X most likely no longer exists anymore due to this event, as while it was sealed away, it lost the X-Antibody even though it survived.