Dragos Omnimon is the DNA digivolution of Meteor Greymon and Glacier Garurumon. Aparently, their Armageddon attack is just the DNA digivolution sequence. Dragos Omnimon is formed when the victor of the two DNA digivolves with the loser. The reason for this is the victor gains control of the body. It is said when a Mega level digimon enters his precence they unwillingly begin to kneel before him. This is probably caused by the fluctuation of space and time around him. A large hit from his attacks can render a Mega level....a digi-egg. He looks like Omnimon only twice the size, with dragon wings, a sword at his thigh, and hands, with the head of Meteor Greymon on his right wrist, and the head of Glacier Garurumon on his left wrist.

Dragos Omnimon
Level: Mega
Attributes: Vaccine/Virus
Type: Warrior Digimon
Family(s): Metal Empire/Virus Busters
Digivovles From: Meteor Greymon+Glacier Garurumon

Dragos Omnimon's Abilities

Cicle Storm:Creates a huge storm cloud over head and begins dropping thousands upon thousands of deadly icecicles.

Pyro Blitzkreig:His hand (or sword) incases in flame and then he unleashes the massive blast of fire upon the target.

Last Resort(Multiverse Dirge):He reverts himself to a digi-egg and in moments causes an explosion powerful enough to destroy the Multiverse!

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