Level Rookie
Type Small Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Next forms Meteordramon
Partners Max Takiyama

Like Guilmon, Dramon was too a Digimon created from a drawing, he was created by Max Takiyama. Sometime during Max's time in the orphanage, when the two of them secretly played together, a DigiGate appeared and took Dramon to the Digiworld. Dramon is the one of the main parts of all of Max's Biomerge forms.


Dramon is about the same size of Guilmon. His body, arms and hands, legs and feet, tail, and part of his head are red. His arms and hands, legs and feet are similar to Guilmon's, the part of his head that isn't red is the front and is orange. The orange part makes the red part of the head look like the shape of Pac-Man. Black triangular stripes run down his back, tail, arms, and legs. At the tip of Dramon's tail is a pale crescent moon and when Dramon isn't on the ground, he could be using the two wings that he can make appear and disappear on command.


  • Pyro Incinerator: Dramon launches a fireball with a heat intensity equal to half of the sun's heat. This attack is a more powerful version of Guilmon's Pyro Sphere.