Drasil's Last Stand is the thirty-fifth episode of Digimon Zeo, making it the one-hundredth-&-ninetieth episode of the Digimon Mighty Squadron saga.


Furious at how swiftly his Neo-Plutonium armored Digimon were thwarted, King Drasil decides to take a risk & retrieve the Sword of Alphamon, a powerful ancient weapon he used in a previous campaign many years before but whose power overwhelmed & destroyed him. He feels that this time he can handle it, & grows to giant size, truly living up to his name.

Cody, meanwhile, has been feeling slightly jealous due to the return of Taylor, whom he had replaced as the partner of Tyrannomon. When the Digi-Chamber's scanners detect the giant Drasil, Cody rushes off with Pharaohmon to confront the machine Digimon king alone. He fights valiantly, but ultimately Pharaohmon is defeated & he has to retreat.

The DigiDestined regroup as Drasil goes on the attack. Alex, Liam, Cody, Laura, & Mia head out to battle Drasil, forming SuperZeoOmnimon for the first time. Taylor heads to the Tokyo junkyard to retrieve a power booster from one of the previous Digimon. He is accosted by Hagurumon immediately after sending it back. Nicky reconfigures the booster to fit into SuperZeoOmnimon's systems & teleports it in, allowing the DigiDestined to summon its weapons & break King Drasil's sword. Taylor manages to defeat the last of the Hagurumon, while the others activate SuperZeoOmnimon's finishing move.

The swords are pressed together & raised high, forming a massice energy blade that comes crashing down & cuts Drasil right through the middle, destroying him. Kapurimon is distraught, but QueenChessmon assures him his father will be back, explaining about the previous instance.

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