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Dronomon is a fan digimon created by Zacax.


Dronomon is a Robot Digimon whose name is originated from the "Drone", whose apperance is based off a small robotic child with a space helmet on it. It bears the mark of Courage on its torso, and the mark of friendship on its back, both were engraved on it in gold. Despite its size, it is a powerful Combat Digimon, using its stretchable arms to swing some uppercuts and sucker punches at its foes.

A creation of one of the Olypmos XII, Dronomon has been said to be hiding a secret, and is said to be a mere vessal


  • Torso Cannon
  • Coil Punch The user stretches its arms and hits it's enemies with it's sphere-like fists.
  • Techno Spin (Petit Tornado)
  • Robo Upper

ExDronomon (ExDemiChiefmon)

ExDronomon is the upgraded version of Dronomon, who can now digivolve to Michemon, and also has more power and abilities than its earrlier form.


  • Torso Cannon
  • Fire Fist ( Courageous Punch )
  • Electro Fist ( Friendship Punch )
  • Coil Punch
  • Robo Upper
  • Techno Spin
  • Meteor Cannon
  • Plasma Motar

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