Dropping the Blade is the twenty-fifth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Gallantmon attacks Beelzemon, & transforms into ChaosGallantmon. ChaosGallantmon uses "Final Vent" (with 7,000 Attack Points). Beelzemon is Vented. ChaosGallantmon then goes after Sakuyamon. ChaosGallantmon summons BlackGrowlmon. BlackGrowlmon attacks Sakuyamon, smashing her through the ground & smashing her, head first, through some concrete supports. Then ChaosGallantmon uses "Strike Vent" (with 3,000 Attack Points)... Kurt wakes up, he's still in the Hospital with his dad, it was all a dream.

Morgan begins deleting all of her files. Mira & her team are spying on them through a hidden camera in the bookstore, & are waiting for Kurt to enter.

Kurt goes by Gramercy Park & remembers something his dad told him - "...The end never justifies the means." Derek attacks Kurt, & they land in the Digital World. Kurt & Derek transform & fight. Mako senses that Gallantmon is in trouble, so Mako & Keira ride to the scene. Johnny & Murmuxmon see TigerVespamon attacking Gallantmon, so Johnny moves in to take care of it. Mako & Keira arrive, but Keira tells Mako to wait & let Kurt handle this one on his own, so they just watch as they fight. TigerVespamon takes down Gallantmon & prepares to finish him, but then Justimon shows up. Mako & Keira see that Gallantmon is in trouble, so they finally start running over to help. Justimon walks towards Gallantmon. TigerVespamon tells Justimon to back off, Gallantmon is his, but Justimon kicks TigerVespamon away & uses his Final Vent. Mako & Keira are too late, Justimon launches, but instead of attacking Gallantmon, he attacks TigerVespamon. TigerVespamon is Vented.

Morgan has deleted all of her files, including her blogs - five years of networking and research, all gone. Tom explains to Lauren that these guys are not the government, they're a secret organization that works inside the government with their own agenda. Lauren tells Morgan & Tom that it was her that downloaded the files from her laptop.

Back at his apartment, Kurt explains to Mako & Keira that Murmuxmon has been speaking to him as his father, giving him bad advice, trying to turn him against Mako, & that Murmuxmon came out into the open & offered to cure his father if he Vented Beelzemon, & Murmuxmon brought his dad back for like a minute just to show he can do it. But Kurt then explains that he remembered something his dad said, & if he saved him that way, he would never be able to look at him in the face again. Kurt tells them that he's ready to go after Murmuxmon, he's ready to be a Digimon Holder.

Johnny returns to Murmuxmon's lair. Murmuxmon tells Johnny that Gallantmon is now fair game. Murmuxmon explains that he kept one Digimon Holder back for emergencies & reveals FlameLucemon.

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