(乾燥した骨私 Drybonemon)
Level Rookie [1]
Type (Ja:) Dragon
(En:) Evil
Attribute Virus, Data
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms DryDryDrybonemon (Fresh)
Next forms BlackGreymon, Drymon (a Tribe Drybone digimon), DarkTyrannomon
Partners Luna (His only Female tamer)
Voice actors (Ja:) Unknown (Digimon RedBlaze and Sapphireblue)
(En:) Bradley Pierce (Digimon RedBlaze and Sapphireblue)

Drybonemon is a Dragon Digimon (Or Evil Digimon) whose name and design are derived from Dry Bones From Super mario bros. series that was a Virus Digimon, but He prefers to do Childish pranks on some digimons. unlike other digimons, They are 100% MALE only digimon.

In Digimon, He can Digivolve into BlackGreymon then MetalGreymon (Virus) now BlackWarGreymon or Drymon (a tribe digimon that can digivolve into more Gangster-based Digimon but more like civilized Digimon) or DarkTyrannomon. He was always accompanied with 2 Digimon were called Montymon (a Electric Lizard Digimon but actually, he is a MEGA digimon.) and Handpuppetmon ( a Completely Different Digimon From Puppetmon )

He is known as Skeletaldragonmon in a Game called Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth due to it being copyright infringement from Nintendo. Also He is a Prankster digimon in some media while using his vandalism skill on wall.

His Catchphrase is, "What Kind of Digimon are you?" which became his famous catchphrase whenever he sees a unknown creatures to him or Whenever he bumps into a big unknown creatures, or Whenever he encounter a Pokemon but however, "What Kind of Digimon are you" has only been used in japan once but it become running gags in English Dub Similar to "Takatomon" From Digimon Tamers.

Alleged History and Alleged Original Digimon Mascot

According to User:Sonic The Hedgehog (Roleplay Account)'s Brain memory, This Digimon was the first Digimon Designed Ever by a Digimon Artist who was worked for Game Freak at that time when Pokemon was still called Capsule Monsters, He was actually surprised by that title, He wanted to design a pokemon/capsule monster called "Drytroopa" who was based on Dry Bones from Super Mario Bros. 3 but however... Drytroopa was awaiting trademarked by nintendo and Game Freak, when Nintendo and Game Freak was secretly working on Test Footage for a Pokemon anime, Drytroopa was originally a Talking Pokemon but then Nintendo Decided it should not talk also not too vulgar. but then he was angry and left game freak and nintendo for Bandai (Who was seperated from Namco at that time) with DryTroopa Profile, Bandai Successfully approved it and called it Drybonemon when Digimon was still in Tamagotchi stage at that time, Drybonemon was the original mascot for Digimon. Drybonemon was supposed to be a Vaccine attribute Digimon but then BlackAgumon5 got deafness, so it was decided that he should talk like a vulgar digimon (Except that He was not allowed to say foul language in digimon universe) also, it was decided that Drybonemon should be a Virus attribute Digimon, This Digimon was the original official Mascot for Digital Monsters Version 1 which was only available in japan but however in USA, Agumon was the official mascot for that tamagotchi game. Prior to Mega level, this Digimon was in Perfect level (aka Ultimate) in Digimon Virtual Pet well as in Digimon World and Early Episodes for Digimon Adventure but then Mega Level was created, he got changed to Rookie Level which explains why Drybonemon's Anger (his Signature Attack) was so powerful that will defeat any digimon and pokemon in his way, Also in same day mega level was created. Digimon Becomes Pokemon's Rival well as the official mascot changed to Agumon or patamon. Drybonemon was originally supposed to be revealed early in some earlier digimon adventure episodes just after his darkness which conceal his identify was removed, but it was scrapped because it would spoil anything. so Drybonemon will not reveal his identity until Later alongside his unknown tamer who would not reveal her identity until Digimon Fusion. This Drytroopa Concept was reused for Mawile who was came out in Generation III later after Drybonemon was created. in his original design artwork, It looked like a Cross between Drybone and Pionpi (who were come out in Super mario bros. 3 and Super Mario Land, both are undead) suggesting it would been his skin colored as yellow similar to Agumon's original artwork and was once a vaccine digimon.

Digimon RedBlaze and Sapphireblue

Drybonemon first appeared in a Episode called Drybonemon, The comedy deaf digimon vs. Tyrannomon where a tamer/Digidestined/Whatever called Luna discovers a Digimon called Drybonemon who was attacked by the aggressive tyrannomon, Drybonemon gives a digivice called Reboot loader (a Completely Different Digivice from Fusion loader) and a Redesigned crest called Greed (this term was only used in Japan not USA)/Rebellion (Which is against the Enemies but however Greed was used in Japan).

Digimon Adventure Tri (fanon)

In Digimon Adventure Tri, this digimon is given a redesign: He is a smart digimon that know anything about digimon but doesn't know about Pokemon. this digimon actually look like Dry Bone from Super Mario Bros. Instead of being a unrecognized creature that doesn't resembles any animals, this digimon is called Fan:Drybonemon (2015 Anime) that look different from his goofy self.

Digimon World (Fanon)

He is not a Playable Character in Original Playstation 1 game despite you can recruit him into File City as a Tour Guide after being defeated. He can't become your digimon partner until the fanon version of Digimon World DS well as Fanon version of Digimon World Dawn and Dusk Released after The Game's Release. he is regarded as ultimate digimon in this game because He do not become rookie digimon until later in other digimon media.

Digimon World DS (Fanon)

Drybonemon is a Recruit-able enemy (Unlike Digimon Lost Evolution which you need BlackGatomon to Recruit him into your party) that can join your Party as if he were a vaccine or data, there is one NPC that can battle you with Your Digimon (It Does not matter).

Digimon World Dawn & Dusk (Fanon)

Once again, Drybonemon is a recruitable Enemy that can be found in Some areas.

Digimon Lost Evolution (Fanon)

There is one Drybonemon in a Area but you will need BlackGatomon to recruit Drybonemon into your party.

Digimon World Re:Digitize (Fanon)

He is a Playable Digimon Unlike the original Digimon world for Playstation 1, He Digivolves from Kyupimon, He can Digivolve into BlackGreymon Then to MetalGreymon (Virus) now BlackWarGreymon. There is One Non-Playable Character that will battle you with your Digimon (It Does not Matter your Digimon is).

Digimon Adventure (3DS Fanon Version)

Drybonemon and Luna only appeared in a Game Mode Called Pokemon Vs. Digimon Which was never released in Japan but in North America and Everywhere Except for Japan. There is a Unique Battle System for This Game Mode. He and Luna will level anytime you Complete Your Mission. Once you played Digimon Adventure for First time, you will be limited to Level 1-10 Pokemon. But when few missions are unlocked, Drybonemon may battle Level 10-20 pokemon. If Sub-missions are unlocked, then Drybonemon will battle Level 30-40, if All Missions are unlocked, then Drybonemon will battle Level 40-100.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (Fanon)

In a Leaked Magazine, drybonemon will be renamed SkeletalDragonmon Due to Nintendo's Aggressive copyright reason.

Super Digimon Bros. (Fanon Manga)

a drybonemon belonging to a girl named Sarah freeman who is unable to digivolve but he can change his forms like Super Drybonemon (a digimon similar to super koopa), Fire Drybonemon (not to be confused with Red Drybonemon who is exclusive to video games but otherwise Similar to Fire Mario Except without the Hat and clothes), Boomerang Drybonemon (a similar form is, Boomerang bro. well as Boomerang Mario) and so on.

Pokken Tournament (fanon Arcade Version)

Drybonemon was originally intended to be in Pokken Tournament as a guest similar to Gon in Tekken 3, He would have fighting style in pokemon universe that would be closer to what he fight in Digimon All-star Rumble in both PS3 and Xbox 360 but he had problem while Namco Bandai trouble fixing these problems for him, so he was cut from the final game. while this article mentions him in Pokken tournament, There also another Digimon Guest: Agumon but he was cut because of the same reason for Drybonemon aforementioned.

Pokken Tournament (Fanon Wii U Version)

Drybonemon appear as both playable and Boss Character but otherwise similar to Gon in Tekken 3. while playing as him, He uses some fighting style from Digimon All-star Rumble Arena while Newest Fighting Style are: Sheer kick, Focus Punch, Nova Flame, Drybonemon's anger. Agumon was his Support Digimon. He Warp Digivolves into GangsterDrybonemon when he was a boss character, but when you play as drybonemon he will instead warp digivolves into BlackWarGreymon until you unlock his other warp digivolution version: GangsterDrybonemon when not playing as him.

It dwells in City Hall (Just a placeholder name from the Teaser for Pokken Tournament).

Pokemon Plus and Minus Version

Referred as Drytroopa in this game, He's a Final boss and endgame digimon/Pokemon of that game, Except this time, Drytroopa is much higher level than Missingno. and Other strongest pokemons however He cannot be captured in normal game without hacking. so He cannot be defeated by normal means. he can absorb any pokemon attacks unlike other Pokemons. His Level is... 9000 because he can nearly make all pokemon faint. DryTroopa is the Pokemon Equivalent to ExoGrimmon who was the final boss of Digimon Dawn/Dusk Version Except DryTroopa Can't be defeated by normal means, therefore you can't defeat or catch him. It dwells in Pokemon League.


  • Drybonemon's Laugh - In Both Non-attack and Attack that used to laugh at his Enemies. Also used for tragic news/Sad News.
  • Punishment - Punishment is a very powerful attack that punishes his enemies, thus making Him only Overpowered Rookie digimon that is not a Mega Digimon or ultimate digimon.
  • Sneer Kick (Officially spelled as Sheer Kick) - Sneer Kick is his signature attack that only available to Drybonemon Alongside Drybonemon's laugh, Punishment.
  • the Drybonemon's version of Terra Force - an unnamed Attack that is only used to defeat Pokemon. this version is weaker than WarGreymon's Terra Force. the name of that version is offically given as "Pokemon Destroyer" in some pokemon-digimon crossover fanfics or "Traitor Force" in some digimon medias
  • Drybonemon's Anger - Another very powerful Attack that only used to defeat all Pokemon. it is basically like Self-destruct-related attacks.
  • Light Cannon - This version is more powerful than Pokemon's Hyper Beam well as Machinedramon's own version.
  • Nova Flame - Although this Greymon's version is only seen in Digimon Adventure (Movie), This Drybonemon's Version is nothing but a Dark flame with purple thing or whatever.
  • Twilight Armpit - a Drybonemon summons Twilight Sparkle and use her to summon magic which does affect the opponent: Twilight Sparkle turns the opponent into either frog or ponies or a pokemon or a digimon but however it is random, otherwise horn will hurt him.
  • Darkness Punch - He will punch a Opponent similar to Some Punches seen in Pokemon games well as anime, manga except it is dark-themed Punch so he may attack like a Pokemon.
  • Vandalize Paint - Drybonemon will use it to spray paint on some opponent thus altering digimon to appearance, but otherwise it is useless. but he may recharge his attack

Some Attacks that He formerly used

  • Thunder justice - a attack that is originally taught to drybonemon in few digimon fanfics.
  • Pepper breath - All digimon shared those attack but only available in the fanon version of the original Digimon V-Pet whenever you connect with your friend just for battle.
  • Fire Treason - this attack was drybonemon's starting attack in the fanon version of Digimon World for playstation 1. but this attack was never used because drybonemon is not your partner in this game at time unless you use gameshark.

Notes and Reference

  1. Drybonemon is treated as an Ultimate Digimon in fanon version of Digimon World and Digimon V-Pet but however he is none level in Xros wars/Fusion fanfic rewrite. he was listed in Digimon masters as Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega level Digimon.