Title Twin Nebula Fish
Level Ultimate
Type Dual Fish
Attribute Data
Family Deep Savers
Metal Empire
Next forms DuaFisherdramon

Dualdramon is a Legendary Digimon based of the astrological sign Pisces. It lives in deep space in the constellation of Pisces, usually found near Nebulas where stardust is plentiful. Although the universe it originates from has a "true" Digital World, Dualdramon and it's 11 counterparts that form the Star Guardians all originate from the same universe, yet have flesh and blood origins like B/C Digimon, except they're not flesh and blood, as all of the Star Guardians are mechanical lifeforms, even the ones that look more like animals. They're 100% cybernetic in design, which even the Metalsaurs of B/C aren't at all as only their skin or certain parts of them are mechanical. Whatever technology was used to bring the Star Guardians into existence, the technology is even more advanced than even the more complex cybernetic Digimon such as GigaSeadramon, or fellow Star Guardians Stellerdramon and Photondramon. Dualdramon is technically two Digimon at once, yet at the same time only one. The two fish-like bodies are connected by a cable on their upper jaws, and the capable can stretch quite a distance. They are the smallest of the Star Guardians, but are still rather large.

Digimon World: Aftermath

Dualdramon is encountered in the post-game storyline, which is odd since all of the Legendary Digimon of B/C/J were encountered before the end of the main storyline, Jade Version even having the password Digimon part of the plot and thus no longer password only in that version. Gameplay wise, Dualdramon is unique in that it can be controlled by two players at once if necessary; If only one player is playing, Dualdramon stays together and doesn't split apart from the two halves. If two players are playing, Dualdramon can move separately between it's two halves; However, their weak point is more easily exposed in-order to allow essentially two Ultimates in one to occur. Statistically, a split Dualdramon is the same as a whole Dualdramon, so that means it's attack power practically doubles, but it's weakpoint, the cable that connects the two, is exposed more easily. It digivolves into DuaFisherdramon at level 70 with 100,000 Aquan Exp.