Duftmon "Mamoru"

Duftmon DC


Appears in:Digimon Classic
First appearance TBA

Duftmon is a Knight of honor. He may be evil, yes, but he knew when things got too far. He would attack the heroes at any chance due to his loyalties, but again, if the plan went too far destructive with it's motives, he would refuse to be involved in it at all costs, and actually be one to help the heroes stop said plan, since he is well aware such plans will destroy both sides. Duftmon is the only one of the Golden Guardians who shows Cannondramon any actual respect, to the point his soul mate Dianamon feels like Duftmon has his priorities in the wrong directions.

It should also be noted that Duftmon's species is technically called Leopardmon, but the fact Shiramu-Kuromu was more exposed to the name Duftmon than Leopardmon, Duftmon is the name used for him in Digimon Classic. Another note is that he DOES actually use his Leopard Mode, which is said to be even stronger than his Knight Mode (His normal form), but the problem is with Leopard Mode, however, is that he cannot control it at all, to the point unstoppable rage is in full effect in that mode. Duftmon is usually emotionally stable. However, dare insult Cannondramon, or even worse, insult Dianamon, then you WILL feel his rage by his Leopard Mode's claws shredding through whatever opponent stands in his way.

Duftmon, in terms of offensive abilities, actually SURPASSES MagnaAngemon, but only as Leopard Mode, in which he can only maintain the Mode Shift for 60 seconds, before reverting back to Knight Mode and having no energy left to fight, being forced to flee immediately afterward. Due to how this works, the protagonists often intentionally try to force him into Leopard Mode as to drive him out of the area faster than by simply fighting him normally, as despite his dangerous abilities as Leopard Mode, he, again, can only maintain it for 60 seconds after all.


  • Duftmon's relationship with Dianamon was improvised when it was decided that Dianamon would represent the Olypmus Twelve in the Golden Guardians.
  • Duftmon uses his Japanese Name due to the fact I (Shiramu-Kuromu) was more familiar with the original name than the Dub Name. Overall, though, I don't personally know why I chose the original Japanese name as a whole.
  • Duftmon's Leopard Mode state is a homage to Grimlock of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, in which he can transform into a Fire Breathing Tyrannosaurus that is capable of causing the most destructive attacks of any player character in the campaign. In-universe, he can only transform by having enough rage built up, hence how Duftmon becomes Leopard Mode.

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