Duimon 2 vg

Level Champion
Type Rock Metal
Attribute Virus
Prior forms Fan: Smimon + Fan: Goemon

Duimon digimon is a dark mole that strives to be the strongest digimon and defeat Fan: Duomon A in a fight with Fan:Duomon A, Duimon learns that he was a DigiXros Fan: Smimon and Fan: Goemon and after a while Duimon Fight with Fan:Duomon A, Duimon lost and returned to be a Digiegg. After a month Digiegg born and Fan: Smimon and Fan: Goemon be reincarnated and come back and train Digixros Fan: Duimon .


  • Dark Drill Breaker: Puts hands over head and spins so fast that it can drill through almost any thing.
  • Dark Smash Chop: Chops the opponent with the force of a grizzly bear.