Level Champion
Type Armored Demon Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Drialmon
Next forms CanuDukDrialmon + WereGarurumon's data
Partners Sayuri "Sally" Mujaki
Warriors' Circle

DukGrowlmon is an Armored Demon Dragon whose name is derived from 'Duke Growlmon'. Its fierceness as Drialmon has only grown, and while it still maintains a sense of duty, it will not hesitate to eliminate its enemies. The natural armor it bore as a Rookie has faded, and unlike Growlmon, did not obtain blades on its elbows, nor did it grow horns on its head. As a result, it was angered by this seeming inferiority. But a kindly Gallantmon had armor forged for DukGrowlmon out of 99.9% pure Chrome Digizoid. With blades on the forearm armor, horns on the helmet, and a blade-horn on the snout of the helmet, DukGrowlmon bears the equipment to handle its opponents. It was also given chest armor, chain-mail, and a spearhead on its tail. While DukGrowlmon did not obtain the same natural armaments as Growlmon, it did obtain a much larger and more poofy mane. The Japanese kaji on his chest armor 公 = "Kō" meaning "Duke", and the kanji on his tail 槍 = "Yari" meaning "Spear". The DigiCode on the stripes around its thighs spell "Digital Monster". DukGrowlmon bears the Digital Hazard on its shoulder pauldrons, and the Zero Unit on the armor on its forearms, and between its eyes on its helmet.


  • Negro Blaster: Fires a blast of black fire
  • Gallant Slash: Blades on forearm armor glow with energy then slashes opponents
  • Duke's Spear: Stabs or slashes opponents with the spearhead on the tip of its tail