Appears in:Digimon Spirit Xros
First appearance Lambda [01]
Last appearance  ???

Boltagumon, Hawkmon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon

Age 16
Gender Male

Digimon Spirit Xros

Dusk is a main character in Digimon Spirit Xros. He is a member of Team 3H. Dusk cares sincerely about his teammates and those he cares about. His Greek letter is Lambda, first seen in the first episode.


Dusk has a total of 5 partners in the first season of Digimon Spirit Xros.

Lunamon, Boltagumon, Hawkmon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon

Spirit Xros Style

Dusk's Spirit Xros style is Leaping-Style, which gives his Spirit Xrossed Digimon increased jumping & flying abilities.

Digimon Spirit Xros: Saving Chronomon

Dusk appears in Saving Chronomon as a mentor to Tsubasa, his successor in the new Team 3H.


This section will be updated once Saving Chronomon begins.

Digimon Spirit Xros: Tales of Roku

Dusk is also a main character in Digimon Spirit Xros: Tales of Roku.


This section will be updated as Tales of Roku progresses.


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