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Duskmon the Dark Warrior
(Majikkupōshon! Kārī no ojisan wa, sukottorando wa shinazu!)
"Magic Potion! Kari's Uncle Kidnapped!"

Duskmon the Dark Warrior is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Carly's uncle Willis creates an invisibility formula in his lab before going to visit his niece. At the Youth Center, Taylor trains a class while Nicky admires Taylor's talent from afar. Brick & Stick harass Nicky & put him in a garbage bin. Carly helps him out & tries to cheer him up with news that Uncle Willis is coming over. Even that fails to make Nicky happy. Nicky decides to re-enroll into Taylor's class.

Lilithmon wants an invisible & clever monster. Wisemon conjures up Duskmon in his machine.

The girls congratulate Nicky on his new lesson with Taylor at the center. Carly talks about Uncle Willis, who Taylor recognizes as a great martial artist. Willis finally shows up, but leaves his jar of invisibility formula on Hojo's counter. Willis decides to tutor Nicky.

MadLeomon, Etemon, & Grumblemon go to Willis's lab to find the invisibility formula. Grumblemon ends up drinking something that isn't the formula & gets sick. They all return to Lilithmon who punishes them for their failure. Duskmon says to send the Claymon to capture Willis.

In the woods, Willis is teaching Nicky. The Claymons kidnap Carly's uncle & tie him up in a cave with explosives. Duskmon demands the formula, but Willis can't remember where he put it. The Digimon threatens that he'll get it from Carly then.

Nicky returns to the center with a ransom note from Duskmon. Carly doesn't have the formula, but the DigiDestined go to Seraphimon for help anyway. Hojo looks in confusion at the strange bottle of green substance on his counter.

Seraphimon informs the DigiDestined of the situation & the five teleport to the cave where Willis is. They fight the Claymons before saving Willis. After Carly's uncle wanders off, the five summon their Digimon & confront Duskmon. Lilithmon turns her Digimon into a giant, but DinoOmnimon destroys it.

At the Youth Center, Taylor tests Nicky's skills. Nicky receives a yellow belt & Willis finds his jar. Carly's uncle drinks his creation & saves Nicky from Brick & Stick's bullying.

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