Level Champion
No Level
Type Dinosaur
Prior forms Busterdramon
Next forms MechaDynadramon
Partners Shiro Kúmiya

Dynadramon is a Dinosaur Digimon whose name and design is derived from "Dyna Dramon". Its fierceness as Busterdramon has only grown, and while it still maintains a sense of duty, it will not hesitate to eliminate its enemies. Despite its species, Dynadramon is often regarded as a relative to Greymon-species. As a result, it was angered by this seeming inferiority. Its cranial skin has hardened so that it is covered in a Red Digizoid helmet. It was also given clawed gauntlets on each arms. While Dynadramon did not obtain the same natural armaments as Greymon, it did obtain a much larger and more bulky body.


  • Hard Rock Blaster: Fires a blast of red hot flames.
  • Supercharge Impulse: Charges with its head and pulverizes the opponent.
  • Soul Roar: Amplifies with the blast of a war cry.
  • Hard Rock Burst: Fires off a version of "Hard Rock Blaster" enhanced to its limit within its mouth.
  • Fire Rocker: Breathes out a huge fireball and cause a huge explosion.