The EX Digivice is a different type of digivice that appears in Rise of the Shadows, besides digivolving the digimon, the owner of the EX Digivice can use it to concentrate its DNA into attack power. These digivices look like a cell phone with only 3 buttons. The first one lets the user attack frontally (with punches or kicks), the second one is for ground attacks (summoning, earthquakes, etc), and the last one is for sky attacks (Thunders, Rains, etc).

But the use of the attacks, drains user's energy, so using it several times in a day, the user will faint of exhaustion.


This is a list of attacks that the EX Digivice can do, each DNA have different attacks. There are eight kinds of DNA: Holy, Dark, Dragon, Beast, Bird, Machine, Aquan and Plant.

Dark DNA

Front - Shadow Obliterator: Gives a full-power punch on the enemy's chest, any digimon hit by this punch falls down automatically with a hole in the chest. This attack doesn't tires the user.

Ground - Hades' Quicksand: Traps the enemy into a black quicksand that slowly burns the target.

Sky - Death Thunder: Launches multiple black-colored thunders at the target.

Dragon DNA

Front - Meteor of Fire: Launches a meteor from the hands.

Ground - Ultimate Inferno: Creates a pillar of flames in the ground.

Sky - Dragon Blade: Summons a blade made of dragon scales that falls on the enemy's head.

Machine DNA

Front - Photon Burst: Launches a photon blast from the palm.

Ground - Cyber Matrix: Deletes a small part of the area where the user is standing.

Sky - Mecha Meteor: Summons a huge sattelite from the sky that smashes the enemy.

Holy DNA

Front - Heal Light: Uses the hand to heal any kind of injuries.

Ground - Final Judgement: Causes an earthquake that hurts everyone.

Sky - Holy Punishment: Summons lots of light beams from the sky, targeting everyone except the user.

Beast DNA

Front - Furious Kick: Kicks the enemy in the chest twice, this attack doesn't tires the user.

Ground - Chains of the Earth: Wraps the enemy with chains made of rock, binding it temporarily.

Sky - Rain of Stars: Summons lots of little stars that smashes the target.

Bird DNA

Front - Blowing Blast: Launches a innofensive air blast, it doesn't causes damage nor tires the user.

Ground - Kaiser Hurricane: Summons a tornado from the underground.

Sky - Giga Storm: Summons a huge hurricane from the sky.

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