Eaglemon b

Eaglemon, perhaps the most mysterious villain in the entire series of Aftermath, one who makes his goals clear through his actions rather than words. Perhaps, something is more known about his past self rather than his current self?


As a Parrotmon, he emerged in the real world of the Adventure Universe and had a fateful showdown against a Greymon and was thought to have been destroyed.

Were they all wrong.

Instead, Parrotmon's data was revived and then digivolved into Eaglemon, but why it never re-appeared in years since it originally appeared, nobody knows why. Perhaps it was because it had completely left the known Digimon universes, and went wondering other universes, influencing the mythology of other universes about a golden armored bird, and when it finally did return some 50 years later, it didn't show up in the Adventure universe even with it's army of Ghoulmon at it's disposal, being able to pull off almost the same tricks and powers as Dragoramon at this point especially since one of the Ultima Shards that were dispersed is in it's possession. When the new DigiDestined in the Aftermath universe finally were able to end it's reign of terror, as their Digimon had all re-digivolved back to Ultimate after having degenerated each of them to Fresh so many ages ago, Eaglemon's plans to eliminate them for good goes to absolute extremes when two Digimon are unleashed by it's own power after obtaining them from Shiramu Inc. as part of a last chance heist to further complete it's army. With two giant Digimon with power beyond imagine under his control, there's no telling what'll happen next...

Other Forms


Parrotmon t


Parrotmon was Eaglemon's original form first seen nearly 50 years ago. Sometime during it's 50 year absence, he digivolves into Eaglemon after being reborn and wandering between universes.