Eaglemon "Lord Golden"
Eaglemon Digimon Classic
Appears in:Digimon Classic
First appearance Resolution Evolution Act 3 (Hologram)

Eaglemon was one of two Digimon first created in 1973, as both were the first two Digimon to ever exist. He, alongside who would later be known as Solomon, were placed in the Digital World. However, the peace was shortlived as Eaglemon, then a Parrotmon, was quick in taking over the entire Digital World and enslaving all the future Digimon that were created over the years. Solomon used for work as a loyal servant to Eaglemon, but then betrayed him when he began secret work alongside Eaglemon's head scientist Vademon, in the process of creating the first ever Digivice, a key to the Real World. Eaglemon allowed Solomon to escape only if Eaglemon was provided with the info on getting at least two Champion Level Digimon to the real world. One distracts Solomon while the other places demolitions after both were given DigiCores that were transferred a moment after their arrival, and both digivolved into Ultimates. When the demolitions were planted, all of Eaglemon's fear of the government, who created him and could easily destroy him, were suddenly erased, because if they so much attempted to destroy him now, humanity and all of Earth would be destroyed. It was a joyous day for Eaglemon when that mission was accomplished without failure, as he eagerly awaits what to expect from Taro and Solomon, who just barely managed to escape into the Digital World...

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