Miyu grabbed his goggles and ran out of his room, down the stairs, and outside his door.

Miyus mom stopped him at the door,"Miyu, aren't you forgetting something?"

Miyu said sarcastically,"My shoes?" Then he pointed to his shoes by the door.

Miyus mom rolled her eyes and said,"No. Your digivice and cards we are going to your tournament remember?"

Miyu grabbed his shoes from behind his mom and ran up the stairs and said,"Oh yeah thanks again mom!"

Miyu grabbed his digivice and card deck case. He said to himself,"Lets see power, defense, ah here it is Cromo."

He ran downstairs, went outside, and jumped on his skateboard. As he felt the wind in his hair, he saw the Dojo Of Dreams. Where kids would go to train their Digimon. But as Miyu skateboarded down the busy street of Takya Drive, Tokyo, he noticed something different in the regular tokyo air. He Looked in the sky.

Huh,he looked up and saw something.

It disappeared as soon as it knew he saw him. Miyu thought,"was that a digimon? Coudn't be. That was a dumb suggestion." Miyu skateboarded down Takya Drive then onto little Tamato Street. He rode to a little green house, and went up and knocked on the door. It opened and a lady was there.

She said,"Oh hello Miyu. Toru I think Miyus here for the tournament!"

Toru comes running down the stairs and comes to the door. Toru oicks up his skate board and says,"Hey Miyu. See you've got your tournie goggles on." They both go into the street and started skateboarding down Tamato Street. They went back to Takya Drive and went to an apartment building. They walked in the lobby and went up in the elevator. They came to a door marked:39G. Miyu knocked on the door and a girl answered.

Oh hi guys." She said. She grabbed a skateboard and yelled,"Mom I'm goin to the tournament!"

They all got in the elevator and went out of the lobby. They skateboarded down Takya Drive and into Miyushi Center.

As they went in they saw a giant screen. An Omnimon appeared and said,"Hello and welcome to Miyushi Center! The home of the Digimon Digital Tournament!! Before you enter or pick up your spot, update your digivice. There is new features like: Internet, Battle Recorder, new Tournament Rules, and now the new Create an Avatar and the Digital Realm open world simulation. The open world simulation features your avatar and partner digimon walking around in this multiplayer open world."

Miyu, Toru, Rena put their digivices in the upload-upgrade port. Miyu looked at his digivice and a swirl appeared. He noticed it looked something like a portal.

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