(シェンウーモン Xuanwumon)
Ebonwumon t

Ebonwumon is the Carrier Digimon for the second season of Digimon Mighty Squadron.


As the DigiDestined struggle against Tactimon's Digimon Quadramon, Seraphimon introduces them to a new Carrier Digimon that can DigiXros with their Thunder Digimon. Ebonwumon was created when Seraphimon fused a green Digi-Crystal with a turtle.

Ebonwumon's default mode is that it can hold a DigiDestined's Digimon for protection or combine with the other six Thunder Digimon. Ebonwumon is used primarily to withstand the might of Tactimon's Leviamon, a massive War Digimon that can easily crush any of the DigiDestined's Digimon in a confrontation. It is first used in this way when the DigiDestined go to retrieve the Sword of Light, with Taylor docking his Digimon, DoruGreymon, onto Ebonwumon to buy time against Tactimon. It is later modified so that it can drain Leviamon's energy, which proves invaluable in a later confrontation with Tactimon.

When the DigiDestined obtain their Ninja Digimon & are in need of a compatible Carrier Digimon, Ebonwumon is retired in favor of a modified UltimateBrachiomon. It's unclear what becomes of it after this.