Echelon is a fan fiction written by RogueTamer2k7 and hosted on It, much like another fan fiction by the same author, the Tamers of Vegas, deals with a team of tamers in the years after the D-Reaper invasion. It is very much a different take on Tamers of Vegas, basically an alternate universe version of that story since it uses some of the same characters. However, unlike the previous fanfic, it has been planned from the start with a series of story arcs.



Kyle Dibenko

The son of Russian immigrants and partnered to a ViElecmon, he had just recently moved to the city two weeks before the beginning of the fic. He doesn't appear until later on in the first chapter when he defeats Diego Guevara in the City Tournament. It turns out he has a fear of giving into his commitment as a Digimon Tamer due to previous circumstances where his partner was almost deleted. One of his favorite strategies against enemy digimon is using Digimental cards to armor digivolve his partner into various forms.

Diego Guevara

The oldest son of Chilean immigrants and brother to fellow tamer Ezekiel Guevara, his partner is Gaomon and at the beginning he has yet to digivolve to the champion level. He was defeated by Kyle in the City tournament and seeks him out once he finds out that he's a digimon tamer. Unfortunately he's far from sympathetic to Kyle's problems.

Marika Dvorak

A mysterious girl who is partnered to a Plotmon that can become Darcmon, nobody knows where she lives or who she really is. She almost plays against Kyle in the city tournament but unfortunately their duel is cut short once a trio of enemy tamers breaks through in a faux bio-emergence.

Gunther Kaufmann

A German tamer that is partnered with Keramon, for six months prior to the series, he had to deal with brainwashing from the Tamer's academy, though he succeeded in resisting it and escaped in the first chapter. He is currently living with Kyle Dibenko and because of his education at the Tamer's Academy (or as he affectionately calls it, the Dark Academy), his English is flawless. He still has to deal with the consequences of his isolation, though and has difficulty trusting anyone who's not a tamer.

Claire Perri

A young girl who joins the tamers later on and who's partnered with a Lunamon.

Ezekiel Guevara

The elder of Diego's two younger brothers and partnered with a Dobermon.



Andrew Laino

Consuelo Ortiz

The Tamer's Academy


Chapter 1: The City Tournament

Chapter 2: Joining the Team

Chapter 3: West Side

Chapter 4: The Girl with the Lunamon

Chapter 5: To be a Tamer

Chapter 6: Rise of Lowemon


Las Vegas

North Las Vegas


The Strip

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