Level Mega
Type Wandering Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms JetWyvernmon
Next forms EdgeGreymon Spatial Mode
Partners Kesedin

EdgeGreymon is a sub-species of WarGreymon and the mega form of Wingmon. EdgeGreymon is a powerful and honorable swordsmen that wanders the Digital World in search of strong opponents. He wields four grey swords, and each sword was forged from the armor of a fallen WarGreymon, VictoryGreymon, ShineGreymon, and EmperorGreymon. EdgeGreymon is view by many digimon as the most skilled and powerful swordsmen in the entire Digital World. It is because of this reputation that he has a strong rivalry with Zanbamon who thinks himself to the greatest swordsmen in the Digital World.


Burning Edge:EgdeGreymon focus' all of his power into his four grey swords and then strikes the opponent with four powerful finishing slashes of burning flame.

Nova Force:EdgeGreymon gathers all of the solar energy around him and then releases it in a powerful explosion.