EdgeGreymon Spatial Mode

EdgeGreymon Spatial Mode
Level Mega
Type Cosmic Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms EdgeGreymon
Next forms Eterniamon
* (w/PanzerGarurumon Temperal Mode)
Partners Kesedin

EdgeGreymon Spatial Mode is an armored digivolved form of EdgeGreymon. By using the golden Digi-Egg of Space EdgeGreymon is infused with all of the cosmic energies of the universe, this energy fused with his four swords and they became the powerful Cosmic Grey Sword. His armor is empowered with cosmic energies thus transforming it into a blend of gold and red Chrome Digizoid, giving him incredible defensive powers. Because he fights using the power of space itself, his sword is able to slice through dimensions and attack from any range and any direction.


Cosmic Force:EgdeGreymon Spatial Mode concentrates all of the universal energies around him into his sword to be fired as powerful cannon blast that cannot be avoided.

Dimensional Prison:EdgeGreymon Spatial Mode traps his opponent inside a small pocket dimension and then obliterates anything inside.

Dimensional BarricadeEdgeGreymon Spatial Mode creates a dimensional rift which absorbs incoming attacks.