Level Rookie
Type Ice Dinosaur
Prior forms Koromon
Next forms Frostgreymon

Burning Agumon

Partners Taichi "Tai" Kamiya

Egoomon is a Dinosaur like digimon with Ice hands and has a small ice horn by its nose. Egoomon is the alternate form of Agumon.

Digimon Reverse

Koromon digivolved into Egoomon due to Tai using Matt's digivice. At the same time Koromon digivolved, Tsunomon also digivolved into a different digimon, Dalumon, Gabumon's alternate form. These alternate digivolutions were caused by the two friends mixing up their digivices. Egoomon's name comes from the word Igloo and Agumon.


Ice Breath Egoomon spits out a ball of ice that freezes water/ enemies (the opposite of Pepper Breath)

Evolution Sequence

Botamon => Koromon => Egoomon => Frostgreymon

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