Level Mega
Type Undead
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Hyouzamon
Partners Wolfgang

Eikixyuutomon is an undead Digimon whose name is derived from “Eikixyuutoudo” the Japanese word for permafrost. When Hyouzamon fought Reptodramon, the latter dealt the decisive blow. A punch filled with holy light put Hyouzamon in a comatose state. Its malicious virus was also sealed away. As it slept, its true form awakened. The anger was purified from its bones, changing them from gray into unbreakable icy diamond. Its new form is slightly smaller than its previous one, but it is now more refined, faster, and much more powerful. It no longer quests for vengeance, but instead seeks to improve itself so that it may one day be Yonggarymon’s equal and honored rival and ally. Its weapon is Kugixyou no Arashi (苦行の嵐 lit. Storm of Penance), a sentient storm of hail and lightning that obeys its every command.


  • Guilty Verdict: Waves its hand, directing Kugixyou no Arashi to destroy the opponent with a storm of electrified spears of hail that overwhelm and impale the target, inflicting extreme necrosis through frostbite and electrical burns.
  • Frostbite Dance: Performs Diamond Blade in both hands. It then begins assaulting the opponent with slashes, each sword melting after one slice only to be quickly replaced while the sword in the other hand is swung. The constantly melting and refreezing moisture degrades the texture data of the place that is hit, inflicting severe frostbite and necrosis.
  • Diamond Blade: Holds up its hand and gathers moisture from the surrounding air. It then freezes the moisture into a blade of the hardest, sharpest ice possible.
  • Glacial Claw: Slices with its claws, freezing whatever it touches to just above absolute zero, bringing critical functions to a grinding halt.

Notes and References

Lines and coloring by Zach Wilken