ElectroGarurumon is the animal digimon which possesses the power of thunder. His personality is calm and brave enough to face stronger leveled opponents. His Claws and fangs are larger than ordinary Garurumon. Also the subspecies of Garurumon and Gururumon. He can manipulate the surrounding energy, converted into electric and shocked the opponents to fatal injuries. They can be found on the top of high hills where the thunder-storms are happening often. THe legend has said that they appeared to be the protectors of the ancient sacred places. According to the legend, they live at the divine island called 'Main Frame' island secretly situated at the deep part of net ocean.
   Even they are at the champion level, their powerlevel said to be comparable to the ultimate digimons and true warriors who do not trifle with such a mess like the battle between vaccine and virus but there is also a tale that when the digital world is get into disaster, they will be there for two species as allies to defeat evil. Only a gabumon whose spirit is pure and who is very brave can digivolve into these form. They can be digivolve into Thundergarurumon (Ultimate) and can digivolve further into DivinelordGarurumon (Mega).
   Thunder Wave: A wave of shocks are emitted simutaneously from his long furs.
   Lightning Ball: A blast of powerful thunder energy is forcefully ejected from his mouth.

Wolf Claw: A strike with foreleg's claw with powerful electric energy that can delete a normal champion digimon with one blow.

   Recharging: Ability to heal the others allied electric digimons using greenish electric power
   Garuru Shock: A very powerful blast of dark red electricity is drastically ejected from all of his long furs.
   Thunder Storm: A most powerful blast of ElectroGarurumon that summoned thunder storms from the sky.

Prior Forms: Gabumon Next Forms: ThunderGarurumon Slide Forms: WereGarurumon

Variations / Subspecies

   BK Garurumon

Category: Fan Digimon

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