FANDOM 04:03, April 22, 2011 (UTC)Elitedramon is a digimon that is a legend among the digital world. A tamer called Shinseina Yami with a team of digimon : Impmon, Bearmon, Gabumon, Guilmon an Tsukaimon, unleashes the magnificent force of this digimon in a fight against the royal knights, when all of shinseina's digimon have reached their full potential : Beelzemon, Dinotigermon, Metalgarurumon, Wargrowlmon and Mummymon. At their full potential they still did not last more then a few seconds, on the verge of all of these digimon being annialated, Shinseina somehow transforms into data and digi xros' all his digimon along with himself to create Elitedramon, After combining 3mega levels and 2 ultimates, he gains speed and power incomparable to any other digimon, and wipes out the entire royal knights,restoring peace to the digital world.

(i hope toei animation considers my idea, if not whatever, it was fun to make :)

-Im flayre, incase you guys wanted to know, just a guy who dreaams of becoming a tamer, i might make an account soon.

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