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Elizabeth Maze is a main character in "Digimon : The Golden Digivice".


Liz is a girl with blue eyes, fair skin, and blond long hair that is usually worn up in a ponytail. She always wears pants in jeans and the jacket matched with a white T-shirt.

Liz is the leader of the DigiDestined in The Golden Digivice. She is very authoritarian and she can pass from the peace to the fury in a few seconds. The other DigiDestined know that to contradict her can be fatal.

When she met Viximon and Tsunomon, they gave her a strange golden Digivice which give her the capacity of digivolve any Digimon who becomes her friend.

Liz (pen name of Elizabeth Mélodie Catherine Evangéline Maze) is a French teenager who lives with her mother and her big brother Ulrick Maze in a small apartment downtown. She does not pay a big attention on her studies and will always prefer to hang out with her friends rather than to go to class. She is very protective to her boyfriend, Dylan La Tour, in spite of this attention finishes to be transferred on Hans Hirsch, with whom she maintains some kind of love-hatred relationship during the story.

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