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Ellen Temi
(Temi Ellen)
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Xrosing the border
Partner(s):Gaomon (D.X.t.b)
Age 12
Date of birth June 6
Grade 6th
Gender Female
Known relatives Mom,Dad and 1 baby sister
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Artist

Ellen is the only girl in the group but she's the only brains. She likes to play puzzles with Gaomon. She is the one who created QueenLilithmon (who is the one targeting her.) she and Gaomon are at first too weak to fight her but then Gaomon digivolved Gaogamon for the first time to drive her away. She is shown to be very artistic when it comes to coming up with digixroses for instants ArmadilloLocomon. (Armadillomon + GranLocomon) Digixrosing happens to be her specialty as attacks are to Randy and defenses are to Nick.

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