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EmperorGreymon Is a Mega form of Shoutmon And the Xros version of OmegaShoutmon. Now he has a BurningGreymon's Head in EmperorGreymon's Body, With BurningGreymon's tail and wings, He Has a Agunimon's Left & Right Flame Armor with Thorns, EmperorGreymon Has A Copying Legs and shoes and Gloves and Flame Sword, and A 125ft Of Many Greymon's they could, His chest Has a V Inside BurningGreymon's Head. Its Omnimon's Said, This Greymon is a Mega form of Shoutmon and OmegaShoutmon.


This Digimon has pure heroness, when Taiki Kudou was Digivolving OmegaShoutmon Into EmperorGreymon. While the X Loader is Start To Digivolving OmegaShoutmon. While OmegaShoutmon Has lot more Digi Energy, EmperorGreymon wants to Save the earth and Digital World he Wields a Sword of Victorize and Use it to Vapporate the Evil Digimon It is Said that whenever his Great Blade of Victorize is Used, one World Will Peace

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