Level Champion
Type Dragon
Attribute Vaccine, Data
Family Virus Busters
Wind Guardians
Prior forms Lapermon
Next forms HolyEnpimon

Enpimon is a Dragon Digimon which resembles a pencil, whose name comes from Enpitsu, which means "pencil". He is the Champion form of Lapermon, with a bigger size, needles on his back, and a big mouth that can spit out fire. He also has two rays on his body, giving the idea that he is as faster as lighting. Using the Crest of Courage, he can Super Digivolve into HolyEnpimon. Despite his Champion level, Enpimon is powerful enough to beat Ultimate digimon.


  • Mega Fire: fires a powerful blast of fire at the opponent.
  • Needle Rain: shots his needles and slices the opponent.
  • Mega Hurricane: using his incredible speed, he starts flying in circles, creating a powerful hurricane that throws the opponent at hundreds of meters.