Ian after another day, Ryo then tells him about the D-Reaper trying to enter the real world, and Shoutmon has sent Flamemon and some of the others. Ian then tries to get his sister and CeCe involved but they won't so the fight is up to Ian, Ryo and Jeri. Ryo then finds Greymon with Flamemon and some of Blue Xros Heart (and Spadamon), they find the D-Reaper inside the world-wide-web Spadamon and ZekeGreymon chose to stall for time while Flamemon stops the D-Reaper. Ian Digi-Xroses Flamemon to X5 (the Angelmon half comes from left over data from Angelmon that Patamon and Gatomon hold in them) then the D-Reaper near kills Flamemon X5 when Ian and Jeri enter the data-scape, and Burst Digivolve Flamemon X5 to Flamemon X5 Burst Mode, who stops the D-Reaper. Ian and Jeri are sent back. Flamemon and the others return home. Ian says that 1 day they'll met again.

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