This story has been placed on hold due to personal problems in the author's life.
If you play Digimon World: Dawn or Dusk or watch Digimon Data Squad, you may recognize a few names or concepts. This story is still in progress and I will work on it whenever I have a chance. You will be able to find my story on my blog, Diamond stories.(Here: [1])

The story mainly focuses on a young boy named Kiryu and his brother David, who is partnered with a Dorumon. Though he won't admit it, Kiryu desperately wants a Digimon partner of his own and thus is jealous of his brother. There is also a powerful enemy - a Digimon known at first only as the Envoy of Destruction (Although his real name was almost said in the beginning).

The "Envoy" has decided that humans must be destroyed, though this is for his own gain, not the Digital World's.

"I will do what King Drasil, Lucemon, and all those other fools couldn't do. A stop must be put to these humans, and there's only one way to do it. Destroy them."

The Envoy has servants, only one of which is currently known - Gulfmon

Comments welcome, just put them on my talk page and not my blog.

-Gazimon X

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