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Epic Zone, Shoutmon's Rival?!
エピックゾーンシャウトモン's ライバル?!
(Epikkuzōn, Shautomon's Raibaru!)
Toei Animation


The heroes travel to Epic Zone, where its citizens are excited to meet them. The citizens ask Akari & Zenjirou if it's true that they're both in love. (Lilamon told them about it, since Forest Zone is close to Epic Zone). Akari & Zenjirou try to tell them that they're not in love with each other, & the citizens won't believe them. And things get worse when Persiamon lies to the citizens that Akari & Zenjirou are in love! (She was just joking, but that didn't please Akari & Zenjirou.) Meanwhile, Taiki & Shoutmon deal with Betamon, a Digimon who's also trying to become king. Betamon & his pals, MetalKabuterimon, BlackGaogamon, & Pickmons DigiXros to Betamon X4. Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon, & Pickmons DigiXros to Shoutmon X4, & a battle begins. Later, Akari tells all the citizens what it means to be a member of Xros Heart, & she then explains that she's not in love with Zenjirou... she's in love with Taiki! After hearing this, the citizens angrily rush to Taiki, thinking that Taiki was the one who took Akari away from Zenjirou. Luckily, Nene & Sparrowmon save Taiki & Shoutmon X4 from the angry mob, which angers Betamon X4 (who doesn't like it when an opponent escapes from a battle), who gets run over by the angry mob. In the end, Taiki admits to everyone that Epic Zone is not much of a fun place, but they to find its Code Crown if they want to leave.

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