Eric Jackson
Appears in:Digimon: Demondestined
Digivice(s):Slothful Digivice
Age 14
Grade 2nd year
Gender Male
Known relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Brother
Occupation DigiDestined

Eric is one of the four teenagers pulled into the Digital World by ShadowLeomon. He first meets his partner Kunemon when Ronan, Peter and the other digimon partners, excluding Tsukaimon free Diana, Sean, Rachael and himself from ShadowLeomon's prison. Peter is the fifth digidestined to access his D.N.A. charge and digivolve Kunemon to his champion form.


Kunemon t


Kunemon is Eric's digimon partner. Kunemon is one of the digimon who Beelzemon freed from The Demon Lords. He firsts meets Eric after Ronan, Peter, the other digimon patners, excluding Tsukaimon, and himself frees him, Sean, Diana and Rchael fron ShadowLeomon's prison. He is the fifth of the digimon partners to digivolve to the champion level.

Other Forms

Kuwagamon t


Kuwagamon is Kunemon's champion form.