Eric Hikari
(Hikari Eric)
Appears in:Fan:Digimon X
First appearance I call on,digimon (01)
Age 12,38 (Future)
Date of birth March 14
Grade 6th
Gender Male
Known relatives Mom,Dad, younger twins (1 boy 1 girl) and his son Fan:Andrew Hikari
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Partner, Student, Carpenter

Eric is a kind hearted kid with a non matching partner Veemon yet they grow attached to each other later in the story. Eric is always willing to defend one of his friends to prevent a emergency. He is also able to show kindness to anyone younger than him (maybe because he has younger twin siblings). He has been friends with Emily and Rick ever since they were in kindergarden. Eric hates it when people bully anyone younger than them as he thinks it is unhonorable.

Eric was in the play of Romeo and Juliet. He wanted to be Romeo because the person playing Juliet was Julie Springburg (has a crush on her). Yet he was casted to Juliet's father and Rick got the part of Romeo while Emily was the person who paints the sets with help from other kids. Eric was the first person to find Dorimon as while they were walking to school he noticed the bushes were moving and he fed Dorimon with Rick's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

In the future he is the local carpenter and all the kids who want their toys fixed they go to him. He, Andrew and Veemon were the second family to make it to the picnic after Emily's family. Eric also reads Emily's comics and often brings Andrew to the Digi-co shops. Eric gave his son a DemiVeemon at the picnic for a present as Emily and Eric both skipped their son's presents to give to them on Rick's daughter's birthday.

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