Eric Renaud
Appears in:Digimon Fontier:Legacy
First appearance  ??
Last appearance  ??
Partner(s):Fan:Ryudamon (Fontier Legacy)
Age 15
Grade 9th
Gender Male
Nationality Canadien

Eric is one of the main characters of the upcoming fanfiction, Digimon Fontier: Legacy


Eric is a 15 year old boy of the new Fontier squad and is partner with Ryudamon. Eric and Ryudamon met when he got transport to the Digital-World. Eric met Ryudamon and a moment later Eric got a D-Tector. Ryudamon digivoled to his champion form which is Ginryumon.


  • Eric, despite being the leader but isn't, he has a Dragon digimon.
  • Eric is the one of the members to use the D-Tector.
  • Eric was based off Takuya from the fourth Digimon serie, which is shown by the hat on his head and the googles.
  • Eric is not related to any digidestined, nor did he have a digimon at first.
  • Eric represents the Digidestined from the fourth series.

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