Etemon t

Etemon is the more intelligent of a dimwitted duo consisting of him & Grumblemon. Like Wisemon, he mainly works behind the lines. Though spineless & scatterbrained, he is highly creative. He serves as Lilithmon's alchemist & potion maker, creating substances & devices for her to use. Notable creations include a time device, a punk potion, the Digimon JumboGamemon, & DarkKnightmon's double-lance. Etemon is rarely confident in his mistress' plans, but will never say this to her face.

Like Grumblemon he is somewhat cowardly often going to Earth to scheme or cheer on MadLeomon &/or Minervamon in battle, rather than take part in a fight himself. Etemon disappears during Digimon Zeo, when fleeing from the Machine Empire with his masters.