The Eternity Army
General information
Founder: "The Great One"
Leader: "The Great One"
Intentions: To destroy absolutely everything. Yes, it is that simple. No taking it over. No becoming kings. They simply want everything destroyed.

(This page is brand new and very much incomplete.)

Begun by a unknown evil, the Eternity Army is lead by a league of Super Ultimate Level Digimon known as the "Eternal Heralds," each representing a particular attribute. Timemon represents time (NAH, YA THINK?), Maniamon represents madness, Cromcruamon represents the void, Vanthmon represents violence. The final member, who is said to have had a change of heart and betrayed them, is unknown. It is said that together, they have destroyed entire universes, and that their goal is destroy every single one until there is absolutely nothing left, in the name of their leader, "The Great One." Each of the Eternal Heralds has their own army and their own subordinates.

So far, only the Eternal Heralds, their lieutenants, some of their officers and some soldiers have been added.

Ranking System

The Heading will include the name of the Eternal Herald who leads the army.

  • Officer 1
    • Lieutenant 1.1
      • Soldiers 1.1.1
      • Soldiers 1.1.2
      • Soldiers 1.1.3
    • Lieutenant 1.2
      • Soldiers 1.2.1
      • Soldiers 1.2.2
      • Soldiers 1.2.3
  • Officer 2
    • (No Lieutenant)
      • Soldiers 2.1
      • Soldiers 2.2
      • Soldiers 2.3

Timemon's Army

Timemon's Army is the most varied of the Eternity Army, and as fits his personality, contains some of the weaker lieutenants and individuals.

Maniamon's Army

Maniamon's Army is filled with Digimon of darkness. She prefers to recruit vampire, undead, and evil Digimon of beauty.

Cromcruamon's Army

Cromcrumon's army is an army of powerful dragons, monsters, and demons bent on the three D's. Destruction. Devastation. Death.

Vanthmon's Army

Vanthmon is a warrior empress Digimon that employs warrior Digimon as part of her army. She also commands the group known as the Four Horsemen.

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