(pretty obvious how you pronounce it.)

(er ok idk)
Level Ultimate
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Virus.
Family Dinosaur.
Size 18
Number idk 2
Prior forms Omnimon
Next forms EverWaveEnachiridismon, True God of Ultimate Hyperdeath.
Partners None.

Everblastgreymon is a evolution of Omnimon.

It resembles Shinegreymon, but its torso resembles Omnimon, Its four arms allow its Four Swords of Shining Sun Slicing to destroy everything they need to, It's wings are basically just metal versions of Megidramon's, but... y'know... as black as the rest of it's body, Some of its attacks include:

Four Swords of Shining Sun Slashes: It's continuously slashes the previously mentioned Shining Sun Swords, They can break anything down with the right number of strikes.

Maximum Power: A massive orange blast is fired out of the orange centerpiece within its... center! It can completely obliterate less powerful digimon, but to other stronger digimon it isn't the BEST attack to use.

Fun fact: Everhauritismon and Quicksliveriamon can be mistaken for Shoutmon when they get angry.