(er okay idk)
well he doesn't have one
Title Unholy offspri- wrong thing.
Level Ultimate
Type Demon or something
Attribute Fear-inflicting
Family Demon i guess
Size er both
Number he isn't that handsome
Prior forms Everismon
Next forms EverWaveEnachiridismon, Truegod of Ultimate Hyperdeath.
Partners a bit too unfriendly for that

He's technically a Beast/Dragon Digimon, but a proper way to explain him is demon, He is both physically and mentally strong, He has four arms, is able to shoot a massive laser out of his mouth, and is a SCIENTIST! He is a temporary digivolution of Everismon, More of his attacks include:

Magical Science: He brews a potion/elixir/liquid of a random effect, Or maybe it's just acid, Who knows!

Blazing Boom: His fists set alight, and then he throws them into the foe to destroy said foes.

Red Laser of Absolute Death-causing: He fires the recently mentioned laser out of the recently mentioned mouth, It isn't as strong when Everhauritismon is Everismon, EverWaveEnachiridismon's RLOADC is much stronger than both of their RLOADC's.

Fun fact: He has OCD.