(as expected, ever-issss-mon.)

(ok Everismoneru)
Title Winged Warrior
Level Ultimate
Type Demon
Attribute Virus, i guess.
Family Hell.
Size er pretty big i guess
Number OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next forms Everhauritismon
Partners Several unknown.
Everismon is slightly bigger than the average human, His wings can deliver a massive slash attack, which is named True Wings, They are quite able to destroy both Digimon and Digimon metals.

Some other attacks:

Blazing Wingwave: His giant wings set alight, and a powerful disc of fire is created, He throws it with said wings and cuts through just about anything in it's way.

Sword of the True: A massive sword made entirely of the light of the moon is formed, then Everismon can quickly take it and destroy anything the Blazing Wingwave cant.

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